Ward Yoshimoto


A House is Not A Home                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Paul Heyer, NYC

Albert’s Lesson #1 Ms.                                                                     Beth Dembetzer, NYC

Death of a Gardener                                                                    Ms. Elena Colombo, NYC

Death of a Pot Roast                                         Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lindquist, Los Angeles     

For Caravaggio                                                   Mr. and Mrs William Jett, Fayetville, LA.



A House Is Not A Home #3                     Benefit Exhibit -- Art Resourses Transfer, NYC               

Allies                                                         Mr. Oren Moverman and Ms.Yael Hirsch, NYC

America's  Subluxation                                          Mr. and Mrs. Ken Saward, Los Angeles

America's Game                                               Mr. and Mrs. Mark Berniker, San Francisco

Barred                                                                                                                            Paris

Bonus When Lit                                                           Mr. and Mrs. William Devlin, NYC

Boy O Boy                                 Mr. James Bruce and Dr. Wendelin Slusser, Los Angeles

Charlie Parker

Conceived                                                                                   Ms. Elena Colombo, NYC

Dreams of the Everyday Surrealist            Mr. Russel Fine and Ms.Pamela Koeffler, NYC

Gardena of Eden                                                                            Mr. Marc Chelnik , NYC

Harvest Moon                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Steve Shore, NYC

Hero's                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Eric Kaichi, Los Angeles

Hi – Lo                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Steve Shore, NYC

How The West Was Won                                                   Ms. Karen Keuhn, Peralta, NM

If He Were White                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bacal, NYC

L A, Hell A, El Lay                                      Mr. Grady Best and Marianne Sauvion, NYC

Like Butta                                                                                    Mr. Wayne Dobson, NYC

Mind Sweeper                                                 Mr. Tony Gerber & Ms.Lynn Nottage, NYC

Missed America                                                      Mr. EJ and Marya Mazor, Los Angeles

Patriot                                                        Mr. Oren Moverman and Ms.Yael Hirsch, NYC

Rat Trap                                                       Ms.Kaylie Jones and Mr. Kevin Heisler, NYC

Royal Straight Flush                                                                                                     Paris

Stereo 8                                                      Benefit Exhibit -- Art Resourses Transfer, NYC

Streets of the South Bay                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Steve Shore, NYC

The Brown Shirts                        Mr. James Bruce and Dr. Wendelin Slusser, Los Angeles

The Party is Over

The Residence                            Mr. James Bruce and Dr. Wendelin Slusser, Los Angeles

This is Not A Pipe Too?             Mr. James Bruce and Dr. Wendelin Slusser, Los Angeles

Trap Shoot                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Hadadj, Paris

Triple X                                      Mr. James Bruce and Dr. Wendelin Slusser, Los Angeles

We Live                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Peter Guarglia, Los Angeles



12  Inch                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Martinez, NYC

Family Jewels                                                                              Ms. Beth DeWoody, NYC

Gang Of Five Hundred

Glitch                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Diego Del Sol, NYC  

I’ll Be Home For Christmas                                                         Foundation Frances, Paris

King in Queens                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Hadadj, Paris

Lamb For Bacon                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Tony , NYC

Look Out                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bacal, NYC

Mato                                           Mr. Pascal Marti and Ms.Jean Marie de la Fontaine, Paris

Moonrise                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. John Sandifer, Paris

Mourning                                                                           Dominique Ventura Susini, Paris

Our Generation

Prince of Pop                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Jan Houllevigue, Paris

Red, White, and the Blues                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bacal, NYC

Royal Straight Flush                                                                                                      Paris


Spine                                                                                  Mr. Chris Richards, Los Angeles

Stacked                                                      Benefit Exhibit -- Art Resourses Transfer, NYC

Twilight                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bacal, NYC

Two                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs Guy Blanc, Paris



Benifit North Brooklyn 2011

Benifit North Brooklyn 2012                                                          Ms. Lisa Summa, NYC

Burning                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Engle, Los Angeles

Felix  Mr.                                                                   Ira Sachs and Mr. Boris Torres, NYC


Testing                                                                                        Mr. Charles Stimson, NYC

Tessa                                                                               Ms. Katherine Celli, Clevland, OH

Viva                                                                     Mr. Ira Sachs and Mr. Boris Torres, NYC